Welcome to Oakfield!

“It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey”.

Oakfield is a language training company offering courses in Barcelona, Spain and Umbria, Italy. Born from 25 years’ experience in language training, we work together with individuals and L&D departments to create learning journeys that get results, while encouraging our learners to enjoy themselves too.

Oakfield wants to take you or your company on a Learning Journey.

Are you facing the challenge of improving your language skills? Whether for work, pleasure or just personal interest and development, Oakfield helps individuals and companies define achievable short and long-term goals with a personalised SMART plan for each learner.

We understand that learning a language can be a difficult process, frustrating and hard work, but we will help build your self-esteem as well as your language skills, so you will get the results you want and enjoy your Learning Journey with us.

See how Enrico below faced his own personal learning journey. OK, he’s only a cartoon character but, we’re sure that if you are here now, it’s because you are feeling just the same as Enrico did at the beginning of his challenge to use a foreign language at work.

The Learning Journey

Let’s look again at the six steps Enrico went through on his Oakfield Learning Journey Understanding the different stages you will go through under your trainer’s guidance and support, will help achieve your goals. Then contact us to start your own Learning Journey today.

Step 1 – Esteem

Lots of people start their Learning Journey with low self-esteem. Sleepless nights before an international conference call. Fears about misunderstanding an important client. Worries that your pronunciation isn’t good enough for a crucial presentation. These things are normal. But your Oakfield Learning Journey will give you the confidence you need to perform better in professional situations. YOU CAN DO IT!

Step 2 – Engagement

When you use authentic materials which reflect your interests, you feel engaged on your Learning Journey. So at Oakfield we make time to understand what kind of learner you are and what interests you. We help you to define your personal goals and encourage you to commit to a personalised home study programme. GET INVOLVED TO GET RESULTS!

Step 3 – Experiment

With exposure to authentic English in both formal and informal environments, you’ll find you have new enthusiasm for the language. Now it’s time to start experimenting. Don’t be afraid. Taking risks is an essential part of your Learning Journey. MISTAKES ARE PART OF THE LEARNING PROCESS!

Step 4 – Edit

With the support of your Trainer, you’ll start to become aware of the language you use and learn to recognise the mistakes you make. You’ll begin to self-correct and eventually eliminate the mistakes you made. This is a very important stage of your Learning Journey and will prove you are making good progress. OOPS, REWIND…THAT’S BETTER!

Step 5 – Enjoy

Now you’re beginning to see the results of your efforts. You’re speaking more fluently and more confidently. Your self-esteem has increased and you’re really enjoying your Learning Journey. Bask in your success! YOU DESERVE IT!

Step 6 – Excel

You’ve reached your destination. And so let’s evaluate what you can do now. You’re confident about taking part in conference calls and making presentations. You’re no longer afraid of using English in your professional life. WELL DONE! Now it’s time to consider your next language challenge and start a new Learning Journey.

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