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Virtual Learning – Your Online Training

This learning option offers you the possibility of doing your classes wherever you want. The Oakfield learning methodology has been adapted to continue offering all our courses in a virtual environment using video conferencing tools, or if you prefer just by phone.

Individual Language Coaching

1:1 classes for maximum personalisation, working towards your specific language needs. The number of classes per week will be determined at the beginning of the course. (See more information below about our language coaching option).

Interview Preparation

If you’re looking for a new job in the international workplace, the chances are you may be asked to do part, if not all of your interview in English. In addition, this may be done via phone or video conferencing. With an expert trainer we can help you prepare to feel confident about facing this challenge. Read More

Communicate Better

For small groups of 4 – 6 people who wish to improve their general communication skills. Classes are offered at all levels from beginners to advanced. Each learner will be encouraged to work towards their own individual goals. Our classes are learner-centred, engaging and fun! Read More

Do Better Business

For small groups of 4 – 6 people who wish to improve their business skills in a masterclass with an expert trainer. Each masterclass lasts 4 hours divided into 4 sessions of 1 hour. Masterclasses are offered from an intermediate level upwards (B1.2). See our brochure of Do Better Business Masterclasses for more details. Read More

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    Which Learning Journey Suits You?

    Language Coaching

    This format is for individuals, business people and people who need to improve their English level rapidly

    Do you need to use a foreign language at work? Reading and writing emails, taking part in conference calls, travelling for business, making presentations and negotiating can all be stressful and frustrating if you don’t have the right language tools to perform them correctly.

    Maybe you work in a very specific field in which you need to focus your specific language needs. We have created Read More

    In-Company Training

    Oakfield has a thorough knowledge of the challenges facing companies when organizing and delivering language training. Thanks to over 25 years partnering with L&D departments, Oakfield has the experience and knowhow to work with both small and large companies to design the best L&D language training solutions for you.

    Oakfield offers a variety of course formats to provide individual and group language training to suit all needs and tastes based on a thorough analysis of your learner profiles, company needs and each individual’s personal objectives. Read More

    Here are some example formats of Oakfield Learning Journeys for small groups of people (6 maximum) with similar levels and/or requirements who need to improve their communication skills at work. You can select one format only or a combination of formats. The three types of group courses are offered in face to face or video conference.


    Focusing on the real day to day language needs of the learners in the business world today: written communications (emails, reports etc.), tele- and video conferencing, meetings etc.

    WORKSHOPS: a shorter format focused on a specific business skill: presentations, negotiations, international meetings etc.


    Improving the general communication skills of the learners thanks to a high level of class participation, motivation, fun and learner responsibility.

    LANGUAGE SHOTS: a shorter format focused on a specific communication skill: pronunciation, listening, being persuasive, communication and culture etc.


    Specialised courses created to work on the specific needs of the learners in one particular area / skill e.g. presenting financial statements, customer service in retail etc.

    English Naturally

    Take a journey to Umbria and come and stay with us in the green heart of Italy! A 100% English experience in Italy on our English Naturally Homestay Holidays. Available in Super Intensive, Intensive and Family Fun formats. See English Homestay Holiday for more information.

    Italiano Naturally

    We also offer Italian Language Holidays in the green heart of Italy. We run group courses based at the Pian di Marte Ospitalità Rurale where you will learn Italian as well as discover Umbria and Tuscany. Or stay with us at our home and choose a Super Intensive, Intensive or Family Fun holiday. You can stay with us and. Non-residential courses are also available for those lucky enough to already spend time in this wonderful area of Italy. See Italian Group Course Holiday or Italian Homestay Holiday for more information.

    Still haven’t found the Learning Journey you want? How about:

    Italian and wine?
    English and yoga?
    Italian and cooking?
    English and birdwatching?

    …and there are many more combinations! Contact us now and let us know what you’re looking for. We will design a course around your needs and interests.