Whether you want to brush up on your conversation skills, focus on your business language needs or get ready for an important exam, there are many benefits of doing an intensive course. Here are five of them!


1  You really start to think in the language! In just a short time, you’ll find yourself completely immersed in the language and naturally thinking in it. This will help you feel more confident and comfortable when using the language.

2  You’ll have plenty of opportunities to experiment and practise your language skills in a wide range of situations. As you probably won’t be able to fall back on using your own language, you’ll be pushing yourself to find ways to communicate better every day both in and out of the classroom and with different people: classmates, teachers, local people, homestay hosts etc.

3  If you’ve done a standard extensive course, you’ll know that the gaps between the classesmean that you often forget what was learnt in the previous class. You set yourself home study goals, but everyday life gets in the way and you never study on a regular basis. On an intensive course you’re completely focused on your learning objectives without interruptions. This is particularly useful if you’re planning to take an exam at the end of your course or will be needing to use the language in an important professional situation.

4 There’ll be lots more to learn besides the language! Not only will your teacher probably expose you to a wider range of input than on a standard course, but you can also enjoy learning about the culture, visit new places and use your new language skills in a variety of situations. You’re learning but you’re also on holiday! You’ll go home having made new friends from around the world as well as your homestay hosts and can keep in touch with them afterwards to keep practising.

5  You can focus on specific goals. Because of the concentrated length of the course, your teacher will have clear goals in mind regarding your improvement areas, usually discussed in detail with you before starting the course. 1:1 lessons are best for this, especially for people with specific professional requirements. You can see a significant improvement in a short time focusing on one area of competence in order to gain the skills and knowledge you need to perform better at work.


Convinced? So are we! That’s why every summer we organise our summer intensive courses in Umbria. We can offer you the format that suits your needs best. Want to focus on your professional needs but also enjoy some relaxation? Done! Want to bring your family too? The more the merrier! Want to enjoy discovering Umbria and Tuscany while practising your language skills? This is the course for you!